Brewdog condemns beer duty plans
Published:  01 December, 2010

Scotland’s Brewdog brewery has hit back at plans to impose a higher band of duty on beers over 7.5% abv, announced by the Health Secretary yesterday.

It also attacked the Campaign for Real Ale as “unimaginative” for supporting the move.

The plans would hit the company hard, as the producer of high strength beers such as Hardcore IPA, Paradox, Sink the Bismarck and Tokyo.

"The ABV of a beer has nothing to do with whether it inspires irresponsible drinking and to think otherwise is shortsighted,” said Brewdog co-founder James Watt.

“There is a culture of quantity over quality in the UK beer market. Consumers are able to buy mountains of mainstream, 5-6% abv beer for very little money and this is the kernel of the problem in the UK.

“Beer is seen as something you chug down in pints with the sole intention of getting drunk rather than savouring it.

“To think people consume higher alcohol beers in the same way as a pint of fizzy yellow lager is nothing short of archaic.

“Penalising those trying to redefine beer, rather than those breweries marketing their beer to be sold in large volumes and at low cost, is just backward thinking."

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