Achieving value from Enomatics

10 December, 2010

Q I’ve read a lot about Enomatic wine dispensers and am considering installing one in my shop. How much will I have to pay and how quickly can I recoup my investment???A It really depends on a number of things. Enomatic machines are great in locations where you’re likely to be able to upsell your customers by getting them to try something a bit pricier than they’d normally select, but could be an expensive luxury if you’re dealing with a conservative or cash-strapped clientele.

UK supplier Enotrade ( will sell or lease the machines to retailers. The company is a bit cagey about its pricing structure but you can expect to pay something like £5,000 for an eight-bottle version which will keep wines in perfect condition almost indefinitely once open. The system uses nitrogen to create a seal that prevents oxygen from doing the damage we all know it’s capable of.

Some retailers sell credits that allow customers to wander around a whole battery of Enomatic machines and taste to their heart’s content, so they create a direct revenue stream. But it’s more common for shops to use them as a way of encouraging sampling. Not only does this promote your more expensive wines, but it saves the wastage invariably involved in opening a series of bottles.

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