SAB Miller refutes tax dodge claim

21 January, 2011

SAB Miller has been accused of avoiding an estimated £20 million of taxes every year in a report from Action Aid.

The report, Calling Time: Why SAB Miller Should Stop Dodging Taxes in Africa, said the company used a complex system of tax havens to siphon profits out of subsidiaries in developing countries including Ghana.

Supporters of the charity have encouraged consumers to boycott the Grolsch brand in protest.

Nigel Fairbrass, SAB Miller’s head of media relations, said: “I am confident that SAB Miller’s consumers appreciate the enormous contribution we make in developing markets and have rightly dismissed Action Aid’s allegations.”?The brewer said it “strongly rejects the allegations made by Action Aid in its recent report on the group’s tax affairs”.

It said it did not engage in aggressive tax planning in any part of its operations, and the report included a “number of flawed and inaccurate assumptions”.

“Compliance with tax laws underpins all our corporate governance practices. We actively engage with revenue authorities and are open and transparent. We follow all transfer pricing regulations within the countries we operate in and the principles of the OECD guidelines”.

Molson Coors UK holds the distribution and brewing rights under licence for Grolsch in the UK but declined to comment about the boycott.

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