Thresher did nothing for us after robbers struck

12 January, 2007

One October evening I was one of the two people working in a Threshers . It's a counter-screened shop because of an armed robbery three years before. As we were restocking the shelves we had the Perspex door open to allow us access to both store room and shop to carry stock through.

About 9pm three masked men burst into the shop, even though the magnetic door lock was on. They came running towards us waving a gun around until we both stood still. Then the gun was pointed in my face as they demanded the keys to the safe. I lied and said I did not have them and they then decided to rob from the till and counter cache. A bottle of Mot also went with them.

One robber grabbed both our handbags and mobile phones before they fled.

All the usual happened after, with the manager and district manager turning up to talk to the gang of police in attendance . After giving statements and waiting for

two locksmiths to come and change two different sets of locks we were allowed home. I was so impressed with the speed Thresher

responded to the incident by getting

its shop locks changed. It's just a shame that I had to go home WITHOUT my handbag, WITHOUT my house keys, WITHOUT my credit card, WITHOUT my purse and WITHOUT my mobile phone, not to mention all the letters and such that were in my bag, all of which had my address on. So not only did the armed robbers know where I lived they also knew my name along with many personal details and that I would be stuck at the shop for some time giving statements

- and the fact that although I needed to change my locks I did not have any means

of doing so at that time of the morning even if I could have afforded it.

What did Thresher

do to help me? NOTHING AT ALL .

While there were two locksmiths at the shop it seems it's not company policy to help

staff by changing the locks at their home even under these circumstances.

Others have had flowers or even a standard pre-signed letter from high above but both my colleague and I were left to worry all night as to what might happen if they came calling, or took a shine to my colleague's car as they had the keys to that also.

My colleague had to leave because of the incident whil e I had to stay because I needed the work. We both lost money and personal belongings which have never been replaced. And all we got was a phone call from people

two days after the robbery just to say "how are you feeling and when are you returning to work?"(Thresher

support service) - but again, no help was given.

Thresher head office deserves its reputation for being as useful as a chocolate fire guard unless it suits

it to be interested.

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