12 January, 2007

How much holiday did you get over Christmas?

"I had Christmas Day off, but I was working Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and the days in between. I was actually open more than usual because it's such a busy time. It's the harvest of the drinks industry - farmers work hard in the summer and off-licences work hard in the winter. But I did have New Year's Day off, and I certainly made the most of it."

Keith McElrea

Whisky Spirit, Newton Stewart, Wigtownshire

"I'm always open Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. I'm based in a

small village on the coast, so the locals know to stock up before then. Heaven forbid that I have to work on New Year's Eve! We're open until five, but I get my staff to man the shop."

Peter Milton

Bowers Wines & Spirits, Salcombe, Devon

"I was very busy and couldn't shut up shop. I've not really had a holiday ."

Ashik Patel

Parsons Wines & Spirits, Kings Norton, Birmingham

"We had a system where we shuffled

staff around so we worked one week

then had the next week off. I was off the week before Christmas so I had to work until 10pm on New Year's Eve. It's a hard life!"

Linda Brown

Wine & Whisky Shop,


"I closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day. I've been in the trade

10 years and I've always done it that way. It's pointless running a business if you don't take time off. You can work and work, but what if you dropped dead tomorrow

I've always believed that you have to spend time with your family."

Satish Patel

Sats Wines,


"I work part-time but luckily I didn't have to do any more hours than normal. We were open right over Christmas, and it's always a busy time, but that's the way we want it to be."

Kay Whitehall

Goyt Wines, High Peak, Derbyshire

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