Heavy drinkers will always find a way to feed their habit

23 February, 2007

Myself and my assistant manager felt we needed to reply to the letter entitled 'Take the money, ignore the results', (OLN Feb 9).

In December 2006, one of our regular customers who was unable to drive after a car accident, suddenly disappeared. He would send a taxi to our shop twice weekly to pick up 24 bottles of red wine. After not hearing from him for about a week, we phoned the taxi company , which offered to go round to his house for us but were unable to get a reply. They contacted the police who broke down his door and found him dead, in a pool of vomit. Apparently he had been dead for three or four days.

W e were distraught, especially after adding up exactly how much he used to drink .

We both feel partly responsible for his death even though we tried to cut his drinking down by refusing to deliver to him any more, only for him to find a taxi company willing to do the pick-up and delivery for him.

We both feel strongly about this problem and have no clue as to a solution. Apart from barring these types of customers what can you do? People who want to drink this much will always find a way.

Emma & Caz,

Wine Rack, Hook, Hants


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