Should alcoholic drinks carry warnings for pregnant women?

"Speaking as someone whose wife has just had a baby, I think it's common sense not to drink, but it should be up to the individual. She had one glass of wine in nine months but it was her decision. If it is introduced by the drinks industry i t needs to be self-regulatory. The Portman Group and other organisations should choose to put warning signs on drinks rather than be dictated to."

David Hemsley

The Secret Cellar,

Tunbridge Wells

"I don't think bottles of drink should have any health warnings. They would be there to shock people but I think the public can decide for themselves."

Tony Lee

California Wines, Salford, Lancashire

"I really think drinks should have warnings for pregnant women. People will still have the choice - it's not telling them not to do it, just highlight ing the associated risks. It's like cigarette packets - it's up to people if they want to take that risk . That decision is down to them."

Hilary Henley

Henley Wines, Sheerness, Kent

"I think warnings should be blatant on bottles but I don't know if pregnant women would want it. I would be interested to find out what our customers' reactions would be if warnings just for pregnant women were introduced. I think general health warnings are better."

Ray Annel

Benhams, Rochester

"Yes they should - people should know the risks. But if pregnant women want to drink they're going to and you can't stop them no matter how many warnings you give them. I very much doubt it would make people take note."

Iqbal Singh

Carlo's Wine Table, Mansfield, Nottingham