'Senseless' brutal beating

A Norfolk drinks shop assistant has branded a violent attack on his colleague as "senseless".

Edward Oliver, of The Local in Cromer, said the ferocity of the raid on March 13, which put manager John Dunn in hospital , had left the community reeling .

He said CCTV images of the attack shown on TV shocked viewers and locals were rallying round for his colleague.

"There's a collection being held in a local hotel for John and one in our shop. People who don't even know him are putting money in," he said.

John was working at the shop alone on March 13 when two hooded robbers entered at 10pm.

One started hitting his victim over the head with a weapon and then began kicking him while he was

ying on the ground. Meanwhile, the other raided the petty cash box.

Oliver said: "It was senseless and so out of character for Cromer. They only got away with the petty cash and they started attacking him before they even asked for any money."

John needed parts of his face wired to repair broken bones and will have to take several weeks off work to recuperate. Oliver said his colleague was remaining upbeat, but added the incident had affected others working in nearby shops.

He said two staff were now working shifts together as a security measure.

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