In brief

The Big Squeeze Fresh Juice Company has launched a natural apple juice called To odle Pip. Made from a blend of English Cox and Bramley apples, it's described by the company as a "spiffingly refreshing drink that is as quintessentially English as Wimbledon and Henley ". It is available in 75cl bottles with a recommended retail price of £2.99.

United Biscuits is rolling out a range of McVitie's Heat to Treat cakes. Available in three flavours - Double Chocolate , Jamaica Ginger and Lyle's Golden Syrup - the range can be heated in the microwave for 20 seconds or eaten cold. A series of adverts in Wom an's Weekly magazine will support the launch.

Red Bull has added a bigger 35.5cl can to its energy drink range, which will retail at £1.49. The manufacturer has also begun a training programme for its sales team called the Red Bull Academy in a move to improve distribution in specific areas of the UK.

Imperial Tobacco has published the second edition of its trade newspaper. The Source was launched at the beginning of January and is designed to keep tobacco retailers up to date with legislative developments and to provide advice on how shops can adapt to the changes.

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