Published:  04 May, 2007

Do your customers understand vins de pays?

"My customers don't really understand what they are, but vins de pays as a whole are selling really well, especially wines from the Languedoc. I have been bringing them in for quite a few years now and on the whole the quality is really consistent."

Aaron Driver

Cornhill Wines, Ilminster, Devon

"The main image is of drinkable, simple wine, more reliable than vin de table but not as exciting as an AC. It does fall well for the brand-orient ed big producers, but very much secondary to the brand. What is confusing to customers is the like of Côtes du Rhône Villages suddenly becoming 'appellation villages ' simply because producers need to feel more important! "

Robert Boutflower

Tanners, Shrewsbury

"Vins de pays certainly has its place for simplicity of message but there are so many of them . You don't want to have that message too blurred. The problem is that vins de pays as a category is as dense and potentially convoluted as that of AC, and it becomes very unclear as to what they are trying to do."

Simon Field

Berry Bros & Rudd, London

"I think it is pretty well understood at the lower end - a lot of Vin de Pays d'Oc, mostly varietal wines . We do a few more expensive vins de pays but are moving more towards AC wines, the upper end. People expect vins de pays to be cheap, and when it isn't it is difficult to explain. "

Tim Marson

Bibendum, London

"If I'm honest, no. They understand vins de pays because of the grape variety on the label and that is the thing that makes it accessible, rather than the category."

Philip Addis

Great Western Wines, Bath

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