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04 May, 2007

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Does anyone have any tips for keeping a shop that's not air conditioned cool this summer? Before you ask: I can't afford air conditioning.


I find that keeping a flow of air going does the trick - prop the front and back door open, and a pleasant breeze wafts through the shop. I also recommend investing in modern fridges that don't churn out as much heat as the older models.

Ken, south London


It's almost impossible to keep our shop cool, but in the warm weather I try to keep an ice bucket on the counter containing a few crisp whites for tasting. Occasionally dipping my hands in the icy water and splashing it on my face gives

me a brief bit of respite from the heat.

Mandy, Lincs


What happened to Romanian Pinot Noir?


It hasn't gone away, and Prahova Valley is a good example of what it can achieve. To quote from the website of Halewood International, the UK supplier: "Pinot Noir is widely grown in most of Romania's vineyards, particularly in the top regions of Dealu Mare and Murfatlar. In particular, areas planted with Pinot Noir include Prahova, Buzau, Oltenia, Dobrogea and in the west of the country, while in Vrancea it is used as a base for semi-sparkling rosť."

DH, Manchester

Answer:Who cares? The clones were nothing like the ones found in Burgundy or New Zealand. The Romanians are welcome to it!

Jim, Kent

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