Joined at the lip

04 May, 2007

Drinking wine should not be a solo pleasure and some genius in America has ensured this is always the case with My Other Half, a set of wine glasses connected at the bottom by tubing. Readers familiar with the laws of physics will recognise this means that the liquid will always flow to the lowest glass.

"Essentially, you'll have to work together with your partner whenever one of you wants to take a drink," explains the blurb on the website. "A pretty neat game that ensures you won't get hammered by yourself and puts a little more fun into drinking (as if it needed it)."

But the cyber-community has already spotted problems. "OK, that means that when I go out on a date with a short girl, she will get hammered," writes one critic. "So if I do not want my date getting hammered I have to find a tall girl."

Sun Lik it hot

Sun Lik Beer has signed a headline sponsorship deal with the Ocean Dragon racing team in the Powerboat P1 World Championship 2007.

The Chinese lager is distributed in the UK by Shepherd Neame, whose sales and marketing director, Graeme Craig, said: "This is an exciting and dynamic sport to be involved in, befitting the Sun Lik Beer brand.

"Following last year's success, where the team won the championship bronze medal in its inaugural year of competition, we are confident we'll be toasting more success this year thanks to team throttleman Martin Lai and the rest of the Ocean Dragon team."

The team is pictured being towed out of central Faversham following a disastrous navigation error.

Gulls take a dive

The trade is united in mourning the relegation from the Football League of Torquay United. The Gulls are facing life in the Conference and it fell to scarf-clad Paul Bastard to voice the sorrow of fans at Plainmoor on national television. The Co-op wine boss is at every game and was interviewed on ITV's The Championship, which featured the Torquay v Peterborough match. There aren't many Torquay glory-hunters in the Manchester area so we take our hat off to Paul and wish his side all the best against Histon, Crawley and Grays Athletic next season.

Number of the beast

The Tramp Index. A Quantitative Analysis of the Drinks Market from the Perspective of a Tramp , runs the title of a strange piece of research that has come our way .

Some public-spirited souls have worked out a sort of bangs-per-buck formula and expressed it in the form of a number, neatly plotting their findings on a graph.

Top of the class is "cheapo bottle cider" with a Tramp Index of 75.4, followed by "duty-free European spirit" at 40, "supermarket lager" at 36.7, sherry at 34.6 and Buckfast at 33.8. If you come across the same document, don't put it on open display in test purchase season.


Independent retailer Sunder Sandher is pictured celebrating last year's National Independents Day with daleks and cybermen outside his Londis in Leamington Spa. H is plans for this year's week of indie festivities are "even bigger and better". So what can we expect? Storm troopers? Hitler? Davros himself? Fearful OLN readers had best avoid the area.

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I were to sum up alcohol sales over Christmas 2017 in one word, it would be “gin”. At Nielsen, we define the Christmas period as the 12 weeks to December 30 and in that time gin sales were £199.4 million, which means they increased by £55.4 million compared with Christmas 2016. There’s no sign the bubble is about to burst either. Growth at Christmas 2016 was £22.4 million, so gin has increased its value growth nearly two-and-a-half times in a year. The spirit added more value to
total a

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