04 May, 2007



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If you had an extra hour in the day, what would you do with it?

Chill out and relax . Maybe go to the golf range or have some other excercise.

Does money motivate you?

Yes, but not obsessively - as long as there is enough to live comfortably and have the occasional luxury or indulgence.

Which celebrity do you most admire?

Nelson Mandela. As someone who was born and brought up in South Africa he achieved the impossible of a peaceful transition and is the only politician I have ever come across who has put the good of the people and the country ahead of personal and party agendas.

After a hard day's work, what drink do you kick back and relax with?

A nice cold lager when it's warm and a large glass of good Cabernet Sauvignon when it's not.

Which retailer do you most admire?

Amazon - it brought online retailing to everyone and what it has achieved is amazing.

What gadget or piece of technology could you not do without?

My GPS Navigator - not only very useful but great fun as well.

If you could choose anyone to be prime minister, who would it be?

A Maggie Thatcher clone - whether I agreed with her policies or not she was a great patriot and the last real leader in the western world.

What alcoholic drink do you most resemble?

A large glass of comforting and warming red wine.

What's the best age to be?

Anything over 55 - young enough to participate and enjoy life but old enough not to worry much about other peoples' opinions or making a fool of yourself.

If you could change one thing about the drinks industry, what would it be and why?

The fixation of the 99p price point - it's forced on smaller retailers which means they have to carry the burden of Gordon Brown's annual increases of duties as well as the "creeping" price increases of suppliers.

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I were to sum up alcohol sales over Christmas 2017 in one word, it would be “gin”. At Nielsen, we define the Christmas period as the 12 weeks to December 30 and in that time gin sales were £199.4 million, which means they increased by £55.4 million compared with Christmas 2016. There’s no sign the bubble is about to burst either. Growth at Christmas 2016 was £22.4 million, so gin has increased its value growth nearly two-and-a-half times in a year. The spirit added more value to
total a

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Is blended Scotch overshadowed by single malt in retailers?

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  • No
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