EPoS proves to be indispensable

18 May, 2007

Tony McGurran, managing director of Belfast wine merchant The Vineyard, is one of the 36 per cent of independent merchants who have an EPoS system installed in their shop and he finds it hard to understand why so many of his fellow retailers are not fol

lowing suit.

McGurran recently chose to install Pacific Retail's Windows-based StoreTrader system because it not only manages all his retail sales transactions, but it is also linked to Sage Line 50 , so it updates his accounts at the same time.

"My accountant likes it and the tax man likes it, so that makes me happy," he said.

McGurran researched EPoS on the internet and chose this particular system because it has a number of helpful features which include being able to update barcodes on products and stocktake at the touch of a button.

McGurran said: "It's flexible and it's not so bespoke that it's too expensive and not so standard that it doesn't do everything you want.

"Not only does it offer the simplicity and modular approach that we desired, we were impressed by its ability to manage key functions such as promotions and discounts, which are paramount to our business."

Another benefit of the system is that it can be accessed via a laptop from outside the shop, so McGurran can be anywhere in the world but still know what is going through the till.

He said: "You can't be in the shop 24/7 but with this you can keep your finger on the pulse, which is reassuring. I even managed to do the wages from Barcelona the other day."

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