Greater expectations

PLB has signed up Moselland, Germany's largest co-operative exporter, and will be unveiling a joint-owned brand they have developed together. The brand, which Moselland has already marketed in the US in a slightly different format, has flowery labels designed to be taken out of wine aisles and marketed alongside flowers or gifts. "It is very much in line with trends in interior design at the moment

and is looking at a particular female market. The wines are very much selected for that market, and include a rosé and a Pinot Grigio," says brand manager Paul Shelton. He adds: "Moselland is capable of producing high quality wines at the level of volume demanded by the multiples. We have taken a highly non-German approach with this new brand and believe it has great potential on the UK market." Stand F60

Blue Nun is launching a premium single estate Riesling from the Mosel Valley - Winemakers Passion - designed to challenge current perceptions of the brand. Armin Wagner, managing director of export for Langguth, the Blue Nun

brand owner, will be on Ehrmanns' stand to show the wine and explain its benefits to the retailer. He says: "The Blue Nun brand has strong consumer awareness in the UK and is fast gaining a reputation for producing a range of popular, easy, quality drinking wines. In fact, Blue Nun's sales are now higher in the UK than they have ever been. We felt that it was important to continue raising the bar by extending Blue Nun's wine range to include a premium offering which will challenge consumers who are beginning their wine journey." Other new offerings include Blue Nun's Pinot Grigio/Riesling from the Rhine Valley. Stand F20

Reh Kendermann will be unveiling a new pack design for Kendermanns and launching Black Tower's One Million Club.

In 2006, Black Tower sold 918,435 nine-litre cases worldwide, and the brand has now set its sights on the one million mark. Reh Kendermann managing director Nik Schritz

says : "Our sights are on one million cases worldwide

and, given the brand's continued performance and the superb support of our partners, we believe this is an achievement that is fast within our reach. Each month, we are providing our team with a sales ranking list of all markets, with their respective development, and we are sure that we will very soon be able to welcome our sales partners as members of this landmark one million cases club."

Kendermanns' new packaging is designed to be sophisticated and contemporary to attract

drinkers who aren't familiar with progressive, modern German wine, as well as brand loyalists. The new livery has a split label with an eye-catching

logo in handscript on the larger hero label as well as handscript branding on the royal blue long screwcap, with grape variety and vintage on the matching royal blue foot label.

The Weight Watchers range of wines, targeted at 25

to 34-year-old women in a healthy eating programme, will be on show, and Reh Kendermann will also be showcasing the latest vintages from Black Tower, Kendermanns and The Bend in the River. Stand L70

ABS Wine Agencies is hosting representatives from Mosel wineries Dr Loosen and SA Prum, Rheingau's Leitz, Franconia's Furst and Baden's Johners. Wines from the 2005 and 2006 vintages from these wineries will be on show, as will wines from Nahe winery Donnhoff and JL Wolf in Pfalz, which is managed by Dr Loosen. ABS calls these growers the Masters of Riesling: "We believe that we represent growers that are regarded very highly, if not as the best in their region - hence Masters of Riesling," says ABS general manager David Wright, adding: "There is a definite increase in interest in Riesling from the younger generation (under-35s), who recognise the variety for its versatility and class." Stand E40/E45 More than 70 wines - including Riesling, Pinot Noir and "high street wines" - will be on show at the Wines of Germany Riesling & Co Room.

Wines of Germany worked with an independent panel including journalist Julia Harding MW and David Motion of The Winery, who blind-tasted more than 120 German wines to select which would appear on the stand.

Visitors can also take part in a comparative tutored tasting of Rieslings from around the world at 3pm on May 22 and May 23, and of international Pinot Noirs at 11am on May 23.

Stand K40

Who else is there?

Family-owned winery Peter Mertes will be at the fair. It says it bottles and ships more German wine than any other single winery, and is the largest bottler of organic wines in Germany. The winery specialises in private label production. Stand L2

Joachim Binz from Rheingau winery Schloss Vollrads

will present his range at Liberty Wines' stand . Stand G42

Agent4wines is showing a rosé

eiswein. Stand I10

Thierry's Wine Services will be showing Germany's Devil's Rock range and some Grans Fassian from Binderer. Stand Q20