01 June, 2007





It's our round - what are you having?

Dom Perignon please. I won a bottle at work as an incentive prize and now find myself looking for an excuse to buy it almost every month. It's expensive though

- maybe the birth of my first child should be a good excuse.

What one thing, or person, is guaranteed to make your blood boil?

Pregnant smokers.

Which celebrity do you most admire?

Has to be Sunny Garcia (Pro Hawaii Surfer) , an old-school surfer who has the best attitude and surfs the most dangerous reefs.

What's your favourite ever drinks advert?

The Guinness advert with the white horses and the big waves. Amazes me every time I see it.

What's the most underrated wine in the UK market?

Australian Chardonnay, a lthough the trade would appear to be buying less these days and preferring Sauvignon Blanc. There are some fabulous Chardonnays out there, not least our very own, very new Runamok Chardonnay.

What phrase do you use far too often?

Consider it done - I find myself saying this every time I put down the phone. I'm beginning to annoy myself with it.

What's the best age to be?

My age of course, 26.

In a nutshell my philosophy is:

Be positive and positive things will happen to you. A bit cheesey I know but works well for me.

If you could change one thing about the drinks industry, what would it be?

Well, being relatively new to the drinks

industry that's quite a difficult question for me to answer . Maybe it would be the lack of consumer awareness about real, genuine value for money as opposed to just "cheap". For example, if your average consumer was prepared to pay an extra £1

on their average bottle of wine, the quality of wine they are actually buying is vastly improved.

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Disagreeing about wine is a fact of wine-trade life, like drugs in sport or corruption in politics. Because taste is entirely subjective, debates about our personal preferences are as inevitable as they are interminable. Indeed, these long-winded, wine-fuelled arguments are precisely what make our jobs so much fun.

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