Heineken launches draught keg

01 June, 2007

Heineken has launched a 5-litre keg for the take-home market and a multi-million pound marketing campaign aimed to position the lager as a premium, continental beer.

DraughtKeg, which is to retail at £13.29, has an integrated carbon dioxide cartridge which seals the beer from oxygen, keeping it fresh for up to 30 days, and gives drinkers “genuine, premium draught lager anytime, anywhere”, according to Heineken.

Customer marketing controller Chris Duffy said: “This is very different from any kegs that have been launched before because it has got that carbon dioxide lozenge inside so you are always ensuring that every beer is fresh and full of flavour.”

He added that the keg has already launched in 40 countries, and that more than 6 million have been sold in the past two years. It offers retailers better margins because customers are paying more for the beer in keg than in other packs.

The keg, which is listed in Sainsbury’s, Threshers and Makro, also gives the lager a head, which fits in with Heineken’s continental head campaign. New fonts which pour a pint with a two finger-wide, tight head are being rolled out to 400 bars between July and the end of this year.

The brewer is also spending £8.8 million – part of a £20.3 million marketing spend for the whole campaign – on a series of TV, cinema and outdoor ads, with the message: “Get the head right and the rest will follow.” Its mobile bar, Café Heineken, will be touring the country promoting a continental style of drinking this summer.

DraughtKeg and the ads are targeted at well-off 25 to 34-year-old men. Duffy said: “They are rejecting this laddish culture that was so popular in the 90s and looking for more quality-driven experiences based on cultures and countries they have visited around the world.”

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