The Licensing Act 2003: What you will pay

03 June, 2007

The Government has increased the costs for off-licensees under the new licensing system under pressure from local authorities who have claimed that the originally proposed fees did not meet their needs for self-funding of the new licensing system.

Unfortunately, the fees are based on rateable value for all licensed premises and make no differentiation between the type of premises concerned, or the extent of its alcohol sales. The current non-domestic rateable value of the premises must be stated on the application form.

There is a one-off cost of 37 for the issuing of a personal licence, which will last for 10 years. It may be renewed at that time, when the cost may well have risen.

Which band?

The first task is to establish the non-domestic rateable value band into which your premises fall. Fees will be charged thereafter in accordance with that band, unless it changes or you are exempted, which will be rare.

Rateable Value Bands

A No rateable value to 4,300

B 4,301 to 33,000

C 33,001 to 87,000

D 87,001 to 125,000

E 125,001 and above


If you wish to vary your new premises licence in any way, for example, to increase the hours of sale for alcohol, or to allow for certain types of on-sales or consumption on the premises, at the same time as making the application for the conversion of your existing licence, you will have to pay a supplementary fee to the council, as follows:

Band & Fee

A 20

B 60

C 80

D 100

E 120

Remember that you will also need to advertise the variation in a local newspaper, which will add between 100-400 to the cost of the application.

Annual fee

After the initial conversion, you will be required to pay an annual fee, again based on your fee band, on the anniversary of the grant of the premises licence. The charge is levied against the holder of the premises licence. Failure to pay the fee does not invalidate the licence, but it will be charged as a debt by the local authority and proceedings may be taken for non-payment.

Band & Fee

A 70

B 180

C 295

D 320

E 350

Other fees

There are a number of other fees for licensing matters, the main ones being listed here:

Application for a grant or renewal of personal licence 37

Temporary event notice 21

Theft, loss, etc of premises licence or summary 10.50

Application for a provisional statement where premises being built, etc 315

Notification of change of name or address 10.50

Application to vary licence to specify individual as premises supervisor 23

Application for transfer of premises licence


Interim authority notice following death etc. of licence holder 23

Theft, loss etc of certificate or summary 10.50

Theft, loss etc of temporary event notice 10.50

Theft, loss etc of personal licence 10.50

Duty to notify change of name or address 10.50

Right of freeholder etc to be notified of licensing matters 21

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