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15 June, 2007

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Q Has anyone ever dealt with a complaint from a customer about light-struck beer?

A Nobody has ever returned a beer they claim is light-struck . If they did I would tell them it was their own fault for allowing it to be penetrated by UV rays. Any respectable beer retailer will favour products

in brown glass and, if clear or green glass has to be used, those bottles should be in the darkest corner .

CR, Berks

A It happens occasionally and will keep happening all the time marketing departments in breweries have more power than the brewers themselves. If they must put

beers in clear glass, why

can't they put a warning message on the back label telling people to keep the beer away from sunlight?

Alan, West Sussex

Q Does anyone have any tips for keeping a shop that's not air-­conditioned cool?

A Don't use a fan unless you intend staying directly in front of it. I found it made me feel even worse when I

left the counter. Drink plenty of water!

Laura, East Midlands

Q Why don't you see so much wire on Rioja bottles these days?


Maybe word has reached Spain that these ghastly adornments make their most prized wines appear unspeakably naff.

George, Wilmslow


Possibly because Rioja is trying

to reinvent itself as a New World wannabe and the

nets are an unwelcome reminder that this was once a wine with a

rustic character. Shame so much of what Rioja produces

is so sanitised.

HW, Glamorgan

Q Where's the best place to go in Europe for a really good wine-themed holiday?

Sandy, Norfolk

Q Would Majestic's by-the-case format work for an average independent? Has anyone (excluding the big mail order guys) tried?

Shaun, Doncaster

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