29 June, 2007



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Your shop is burning down - what three things do you grab as you leg it

I don't have a shop, but if my warehouse was on fire, my Blackberry. Everything else is insured, but if I lost that I would be in all sorts of trouble. Surprisingly I am not a techno sort of person, but I reckon my Blackberry gives me an extra two hours in every day.

If your profits doubled tomorrow, how would you spend the money?

It would go straight back into the business. We are only two years old and growing fast. We turned over £750,000 in our second year and we forecast turning over £2 million in our third . Unfortunately with rising turnover comes rising costs, so a doubling of profits would be great, but i t would quickly get sucked into the pot.

What phrase do you use

too often?

I 'm sorry I 'm late. Time management is not my forte . It is a very sociable trade we are in, and keeping meetings to time is almost impossible. On top of that, getting anywhere fast in Devon is difficult, especially in the summer when the tourists arrive.

What's the best age to be?

I am enjoying myself now at 32, although we have a 23-year-old South African working for us at the moment, and he seems to have a lot more fun! My wife and I have three children, which adds pressure, but also forces you to stop, which is a good thing. Luckily I live in a very beautiful part of the world, and we can be on the water in Salcombe within 10 minutes.

If you could choose anyone to be prime minister, who would it be?

David Beckham - now that would be hilarious. You could sell a lots of seats for question time.

Would you still work in the drinks industry if you were reincarnated?

Yes, although I wish I was

in an industry that was not so focused on making itself so unprofitable. We are surrounded down here by discount wholesalers and discounting supermarkets, both of which have no care for the effect their pricing policies have on the trade as a whole. I think if you want to make money in the industry today, you have to sell much more than just the wine.

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Is blended Scotch overshadowed by single malt in retailers?

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