Meantime returns to London roots with porter-based stout

27 July, 2007

Greenwich brewer Meantime 's new Single London Stout

sees a return to the porter-based stouts once widely brewed in the English capital.

The beer, which has just been launched in draught, will be bottled for the off-trade although listings have not yet been confirmed.

Director Peter Haydon said: "The popular conception is that stout is an Irish drink, whereas stout is based on porter, so it is a London drink."

London stouts are sweeter and less astringent than Irish stouts with a "softness and inherent malt sweetness", said Meantime in a statement.

The brewery has also given Suffolk brewer Adnams exclusive distribution and sales rights for its draught beers throughout the UK, plus sales rights to all packaged beers.

Founder Alastair Hook said: "Adnams and Meantime share a similar philosophy and passion which we strive to express to

customers, who understand and identify with the special nature of our beers."

Meantime will move to a new plant in East Greenwich in 2010 . "Building works should start in the middle of next year. Our current production is 15,000hl and the new brewery will have the potential to go to 50,000hl," Hook said.

The brewer supplies Sainsbury's with its Taste the Difference beer range and also sends its branded beer to Waitrose .

Word up with Alastair Hook, page 13.

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