Letters to the Editor

27 July, 2007

Praise for Wine Report ...

I wish to congratulate you and the OLN team for the excellent Wine Report 2007 (OLN 13 July). This succinct, lucid and enlightening snapshot of the UK wine trade, its patterns, brands and distributors is an absolute must-read for anyone connected with the world's most civilised beverage .

Michael Cox

Director , Wines of Chile UK

... but a little slip

I would like to congratulate you on another very informative annual Wine Report.

I felt it covered the main issues in the UK very well. As I am in charge of Oyster Bay sales in the UK I would like to point out one mistake: you state that Montana achieves the highest average bottle price in the Top 50. This is incorrect. Villa Maria achieves the top average bottle price at 6.55 - Oyster Bay is number two at 5.83 and Montana is number three at 5.70.

I am sure that neither Adrian Atkinson (Pernod) or Mark Calver (Hatch) would mind me pointing this out and would like to say how pleased I am that yet again New Zealand is leading the industry in terms of driving value back into the wine category.

Rufus Weston

UK national sales manager

Delegat's Wine Estate (UK)

Running saga

I am writing to clarify a point that you made in an article in OLN on May 4. It was a picture of a Fuller's London Pride bottle running ahead of a Lucozade Sport bottle. The person in the bottle was actually myself so I was quite disappointed that the article made a number of mistakes.

The picture (and copy) suggests the Pride bottle "zoomed" ahead, this was just one point of a cat and mouse chase between the two. Had you checked out the official times, you would have found that the Lucozade Sport bottle completed the marathon in 3hrs 34 minutes, compared with the Fuller's bottle 's 3hrs 38 . Therefore the Lucozade Sport bottle was actually four minutes faster.

Not only did a woman beat the guy in the bottle by four minutes, I was also the only person to have crossed the finish line twice that day - I previously crossed the line at 3am on Sunday having run the last three miles of the course with my boyfriend who ran the marathon course the night before because he had to work the event on the day. So, not only was it a girl that beat the boy in the bottle, she was also massively sleep-deprived having come out to support her boyfriend .

It would be great to see if your magazine could make a correction and let the public know that the girl in the bottle was fastest.

Lisa Hacker

Event activation manager

Lucozade marketing

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