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27 July, 2007

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Q Where's the best place to go in Europe for a really good wine-themed holiday?

A Even though it is the great classic, Bordeaux (or Champagne) is probably not the best place since you'll just be received by a (not always knowledgeable) guide. Burgundy, or even better

the Rhône Valley, will be much better with greater chances to talk to the winemakers themselves and taste many different wines. Language may sometimes be a challenge. Remember: plan your visits

and call beforehand

to say that you want to make a visit.

If you don't want to do all the planning work yourself , go with a reputable wine travel organiser, like us for example: (which is, of course, an entirely self-serving recommendation). In that case, more or less anywhere in Europe would be OK, since the organiser will make sure the visits are good.

Per Karlsson & Britt Karlsson

Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

Q How on earth can I persuade my poxy clientele that fino sherry is gorgeous and fortified British wine disgusting, and not vice versa?

A Let them try it very cold, with a plate of almonds and some olives and anchovies. That's a lot of effort

for a £7 wine but fino's

lack of sweetness can make it a difficult drink

to adjust to.

Sonia, Bucks

A Swap the price tickets.

Dave, Cornwall

Q Why not beer over ice?

A Er - it's been done. I refer the honourable gentleman to Manns Brown Ale and Fuller's Organic Honeydew, both drinks for which it is apparently now de rigeur to add ice.

Paul, Stockton-on-Tees

Q Is it sartorially, ethically or medically wrong to wear flip-flops in the shop?

Craig, Winchester

Q I'd like to get some brewery memorabilia for my shop. Anyone know where I can pick up some cheap bits and pieces?

Adam, South Wales


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