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09 August, 2007

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Q Is it sartorially, ethically or medically wrong to wear flip-flops in the shop?

A Of course you can wear flip-flops in the shop -- Threshers are even giving them away with Brahma! Though they could be a health and safety nightmare if you drop anything on your feet.

Ben, Bury St Edmunds

A Flip-flops? Move on, man! You need a good pair of Velcro-strap Jesus sandals with a good supportive sole. Keeps your feet nice and cool and fungus-free, and less jarring on the joints than the discredited 1970s footwear you mention.

HH, North London

Q I'd like to get some brewery memorabilia for my shop. Anyone know where I can pick up some cheap bits and pieces?

A Ebay has a lot of breweriana at any given time. A lot of it is just merchandising tat from present-day brewers but you can pick up some gems. Beware though: lots of people find this stuff very collectible and as a result prices can be high for the most interesting stuff.

Fred, Suffolk

A Hop vines can add a touch of class to your display and are less easy for enthusiastic customers to "borrow" from you than historical artefacts. You can buy fresh or dried vines from as well as various other sources on the internet.

James, Louth

Q Can I exist without EPoS? My father did very well for 52 years.

Graham, Brighton

Q My new assistant uses his staff discount to buy a can of Heineken every lunchtime which he then proceeds to drink in the store. Is he portraying a good or bad impression to customers?

EA, Yorkshire

Q I'd like to organise a wine tasting in the shop without attracting troublemakers and freeloaders off the street.

Has anyone got any tips?

GW, Humberside

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