Fresh approach for New Zealand wine

09 August, 2007

New Zealand Winegrowers has introduced a new marketing strapline - Pure Discovery - as part of a rebranding exercise.

The phrase will replace The Riches of a Clean, Green Land on marketing and publicity material.

The change comes after NZW carried out research in three key markets - Australia, Britain and the USA.

Top importers, retailers and restaurateurs were consulted on the performance and perception of New Zealand wine.

"The New Zealand Wine brand has changed and evolved over the years. Our latest research confirms that Pure Discovery is the next stage for New Zealand wine," said global marketing director Chris Yorke.

York said the move "reflects our expanding reputation for innovation and our intense natural experiences including the sensory experience of wine.

"Competition is intensifying in the key overseas markets and New Zealand needs to promote the distinctive attributes that make our wines stand out from the rest. We believe the Pure Discovery brand achieves this."

NZW's research also showed that the wine drinker's profile is shifting with younger people, women and couples purchasing and taking an interest in New Zealand wine.

New Zealand wine is the ninth best-selling by country in the UK. It grew value sales by 31 per cent, to 126 million, in the year to May 19.

Tesco doubles NZ wine - page 8.

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