Part-timers carry the can

23 August, 2007

I feel compelled to write this personal statement as another angry and disheartened employee of Threshers. I have once again been let down by this so-called proud, exciting and passionate company.

I started working part-time at Threshers four years ago aged 18 and have already seen the prominent and ongoing downfall of this company.

I and two other part-time members of staff have once again been made to run and take care of a rot-ridd led, damp, tradeless shop because Threshers don't pay their managers and employees enough money.

Our shop has a very good customer relationship and it's because of myself and the other members of staff that they choose to buy their overpriced goods from us. But once again Threshers has failed to supply us with a proper manager and we haven't even heard from our district manager for over a month.

We all seem to be working full-time even though our contracted hours are six or seven - all because we need to keep our jobs. It's heartbreaking to hear we have to work 25-35 years for a recognition award but you only have to wait one measly year if you work in head office.

I can't honestly believe that we have been left in this position again. We get little respect or thanks from Threshers for all the hard work we do for the company.

If it wasn't for the little people (and I'm not talking about the managers), where would Threshers be?

Sales assistant

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