Exclusive tasting for major buyers

23 August, 2007

The company behind the successful Specialist Importers Trade Tastings has organised an exclusive tasting for major buyers, which is to take place in London next month.

Judy Kendrick Marketing has invited just 120 key buyers for large off and on-trade groups to the event, which aims to be an alternative to huge international tastings such as Vinexpo and the London International Wine & Spirits Fair.

Judy Kendrick said: “The basic idea for the tasting was born out of the frustration of having generic tastings that are just too big, and visitors and exhibitors lose focus.

“We are trying to make it something that is totally relevant to the major buyers so they will want to go back to it year in year out, because they know they can go in, see their main suppliers and find new wines.”

Twenty exhibitors, including Raisin Social, Oakley Wine Agencies and D&D Wines International, are restricted to showing just 15 wines each, all of which must be new in some way – such as new brands, producers or packaging – and can’t just be new vintages of an established wine.

If you are a buyer for a group and would like to attend the tasting, call Judy Kendrick on 01829 720130 to register.

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