21 September, 2007

Do test purchases make you feel like a criminal?

"It does seem that way. Dressing children up to look like they're 18 is really wrong and sending them round to test us is a false situation. It feels like they're trying to catch you out."

Trevor Bailey

Cheryl's Wines & Spirits, Walsall, West Midlands

"Yes, it makes you feel like they think you're deliberately selling to under-18s. We have a strict policy of only selling to people if we see ID so I'm not worried by test purchases."

Msgulti Singh

Booze Stop, Aylesbury, Bucks

"I don't feel I'm the main target for test purchases, mainly because I offer more premium drinks and I have few very customers under 30. The off-licences on the high street are under tremendous pressure from test purchasing with many treated like criminals and forced to close down. This might highlight there's no consistent approach across the board."

Duncan Innis

Sussex & the City, Brighton

"It feels like they're trying to catch you out, especially when the girls are made to wear too much make-up and big heels. But if you ask for ID and they haven't got it, I have to refuse the sale, otherwise I wouldn't be in business."

Santokh Singh

Rai's Off-licence, Newcastle Upon Tyne

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