2007 March

Inter Rhône will focus on increasing volume sales for Côtes du Rhône wines in the UK this year .

Berkmann Wine Cellars has added a further five Spanish wineries to its portfolio : Condesa Eylo in Rueda ; Finca el Paso in Jumilla ; Mas d'En Catala in Priorat ; Rudeles in Ribera del Duero; and Matarredona in Toro.

This year's France Under One Roof tasting saw a bevy of brand launches and extensions from top suppliers.

The Italian Trade Commission's first generic tasting gave Italian wines a long overdue boost in the UK, said winemakers who attended.

QHow serious is China as a wine-producing nation and when can we expect to see its products entering the UK market?

the forum

23 March, 2007

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QI recently recruited an assistant manager and one of the candidates I turned down, although well qualified, was quite overweight. I simply couldn't imagine him fetching and carrying, ­making deliveries and all the other ­physical stuff that goes with the job. He's been in to see me since and accuses me of being prejudiced against fat people. Could he have a legal case against me?

Upholding legal requirements or moral beliefs is a thankless task when it comes to alcohol sales

I remember it was only a few years ago that the debate was raging as to whether wine consumers here in the UK would ever really take to the idea of screwcaps on their wine. Determined views were put forward from both the "for " and "against "camps . At Wine Intelligence we certainly saw a lot of consumer resistance towards screwcaps, frequently hearing them refer to the closures as "making wine feel cheap". However, our recent research has revealed a real shift in consumer attitudes. Acceptance for screwcaps has risen to a level where they are now considered part of the mainstream.


23 March, 2007

A tribute to Gallo

I'm only doing my job

23 March, 2007

I have just been watching the news and had a little shock. The medical profession is starting to blame those who drink wine at home for the number of alcohol-related illnesses and deaths each year. I'm only young myself (21 ) but I feel quite strongly that while I'm recommending two bottles of wine to go with a meal, as well as making the customer aware of our three-for -two deal, I am now going to be selling wine to people who would, eight times out of 10, drink all three bottles in one night.

I am writing in response to your article and comment column of March 9.

Tasting table

23 March, 2007

Red, rosé and fizz from around the globe

Wine merchant Berry Bros & Rudd has launched its house wines in screwcap and called for greater acceptance of the closure from top producers.

In Brief

23 March, 2007

Thieves pocket £3,000

In-store wine tastings will form part of National Independents' Week this year.

The Benevolent' is looking for sporty types for its first drinks industry triathalon on Sept 9.

Smokers expected to snub the pub in favour of at-home drinking

Senior drinks trade figures discussed tactics for stopping under-age drinking at a round-table discussion on March 6.

A drinks shop in Eastbourne, East Sussex, is the latest to lose its licence as councils crack down on underage drinking.

Organisation's directors predict 'fabulous growth' from UK market

Grolsch is planning to launch a wheat beer to rival Hoegaarden and Kronenbourg Blanc into the take-home market.

In Brief

23 March, 2007

Concert push for cider

The Benevolent Ball last week made a net profit of more than £62,000 - a record performance. The drinks trade charity's event, held at London's Dorchester hotel, was attended by 390 people from the industry.

Constellation plans to build the biggest bonded warehouse in Europe alongside a bottling plant, as part of its plans to increase the amount of wine it ships in bulk and bottles in the UK.

A Norfolk drinks shop assistant has branded a violent attack on his colleague as "senseless".

WSTA to tackle government over label advice to pregnant women

The supermarket cuts down Finest in the boldest overhaul in a decade

Sainsbury's has expanded its wine buying team with a new appointment.


23 March, 2007

Should alcoholic drinks carry warnings for pregnant women?