Is orange the new white?

With Aldi leading the charge, orange wines could be set for a baptism of fire in the UK, finds Sonya Hook

Sir Ian Botham goes in to bat for wine

Sir Ian 'Beefy' Botham is best known for his astonishing cricket career, but he's currently enjoying a run as a wine producer. He tells Martin Green he's hoping for a long innings in the game

Millar's Tale: Crossroads for craft beer

It’s strange but true that just five or six years ago customers were willing to travel considerable distances to get their hands on new and edgy beers from the latest craft breweries.

Richard Hemming MW: A future without wine?

Attempting to see something from an alternative perspective is like leaving you running in circles before collapsing on the floor, panting heavily.

Social media marketing: how to appropriately address alcohol

Jen Draper, head of marketing at Global Brands, looks at why the age-appropriate debate is growing old.

Richard Hemming MW: nagging doubts about wine

Surely it’s not just me who every so often looks round at the world of wine and wonders what on earth we are all going on about? It’s a feeling as blasphemous as a vicar questioning the whole resurrection thing, or Riedel suddenly wondering whether glassware actually makes the slightest difference to how wine is perceived.

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